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Volume Uploads

Do you have more than 20 books you would like to list with bookhitch?

We can help you. If you have more than 20 books to list, send us your book information as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We will format it, create an account and upload your books to the site, for free. We will send you your account information so that you can add, edit, delete, or upgrade your listings at will. Please note: At this time we are only accepting volume uploads sent as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet..

We prefer all of the following information to be included for each free listing*, but not all is required::
  • Title
  • Author
  • Format (only if e-book/ audio book)
  • ISBN
  • Price
  • Book Genre 1, Subcategory**
  • Book Genre 2, Subcategory** (if applicable)
  • Keyword (similar to "tags", maximum of 5)
  • Link to purchase
  • Short description (60 words)
* For premium listings please add extra columns with the headings Premium (and the word Yes for each listing), Author Biography and Book Reviews. Make sure to include a 120-word book description, and a 300-word description for each Author Biography and Book Review. Any descriptions longer than 120 and 300 words will not be able to be viewed on the site. Also, send us a .jpg picture of the front cover for each premium listing, or you can upload the images once your books have been added. Premium listings need to be activated by you through your account once they have been added, free listings will be active and searchable immediately.

** Please select genre and subcategory from our list. If you do not see a genre or subcategory that best describes your book, then contact us, or state the genre / subcategory when you submit your titles.

Why list your books to bookhitch?

It is free and we do not take a percentage of sales. If you have 1,000 books you will now have 1,000 free links back to your site.

To get started, contact cs@bookhitch.com to find out how you can send us your book information.


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