The Jeanine Machine, S. Richard Blassberg
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   The Jeanine Machine - Price: $18.50    

by S. Richard Blassberg, ISBN: 1-58776-141-6
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Jeanine Pirro is very likely the most recognizable district attorney in America. Her countless appearances on broadcast and in print media, nationally, for many years have projected an image of an articulate, tough crime fighter. In fact, Jeanine Pirro is a criminal and a fraud.While few reasonable individuals can accept her repeated assertion, in all those ten years of fraudulent joint tax returns which sent her husband to prison, fewer still are aware of the active hands-on role she actually played.

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Biography :

Born and raised in the 41st Precinct, "Fort Apache" the Bronx, Richard holds a degree in psychology from Adelphi College, and a law degree from Pace University School of law. A former Youth Board Worker for the City of New York, and Probation Officer for the County of Westchester, he has worked for nearly three decades with formerly home-less, and disadvantaged individuals.

In his capacity as Project Director and Case Manager for an agency working with formerly homeless, developmentally disabled adults in White Plains, New York he came face to face with the cruelty and injustice of Jeanine Pirro's regime.

Book Review :

Bennett Gershman, Professor of Law, Pace University Law School

"It's a must read for anyone who wants to know how politics and power undermine the workings of the District Attorney's Office in Westchester."


John Bailey, for the White Plains Citizen's Net Reporter (

"This Lift-You-Right-Out-Of-Your-Chair book rivets the reader by naming sources and telling all..."


Tracy Everson, News Channel 12, Senior Reporter/Anchor

"It connects the dots."

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