The Life of the Fly, J. Henri Fabre
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   The Life of the Fly - Price: $16.00    

by J. Henri Fabre, ISBN: 1-58776-026-6
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Renowned for only the last five years of his generally impoverished life (1823-1915),J. Henri Fabre is nonetheless recognized as one of the most respected and beloved entomologists in the world. He devoted his life to the study of insects and carefully (and beautifully) described his findings in book after book. Fabre was eighty-four when the last of the ten volumes of his magnum opus appeared—Souvenirs Entomologiques. He was suddenly discovered by such eminent literary figures as Maurice Maeterlinck, Edmund Rostand and Roman Rolland. Scientific societies in London, Brussels, Stockholm, Geneva and St. Petersburg elected him to membership. The French government gave him an annual pension. All students of insect behavior, of comparative psychology, of experimental biology are indebted to him. [ Rate Book ]  [ Report Listing ]

Book Review :

"Fabre is the Homer of the insects."
- Victor Hugo.

"Fabre is one of the glories of the civilized world... one of the most profound admirations of my life."
- Maurice Maeterlinck.

"Fabre is a savant who thinks like a philosopher and writes like a poet."
- Rostand.

"Fabre has the power to introduce the reader into the insect world as few if any others have been able to do."
- New York Herald Tribune.

"In the field of insect study, the works of J. Henry Fabre are classics; in the field of literature, they hold a special place of their own."
- Edwin Way Teale

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