Always Remember: If It Ain't Fun, It Ain't Worth Doing!, Wayne Kehl
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   Always Remember: If It Ain't Fun, It Ain't Worth Doing! - Price: 16.95   
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by Wayne Kehl, ISBN: 1-59286-115-6
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This is the best leadership/management book on the market today. Forget the rest of the books and get this one. If you are a manager, this is a must read. If you are an employee, you need this book in order to sort out what managers are doing. This is the real deal. A good read with a great plot. [ Rate Book ]  [ Report Listing ]

Biography :

Wayne Kehl is currently a Vice President of Operations for a major international insurance brokerage firm. He started in the mailroom of his father’s insurance agency 35 years ago and is now directly responsible for over 100 employees. During his career he has been a public speaker, lecturer, board member, author, and businessman. Wayne is currently working on a second book as a sequel to “Always remember: If it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing!” which will delve even deeper into the subject of workplace behavior and how to work through "people" issues.

Book Review :

This book was written by Kehl as "a distillation of experiences and lessons from my own life." Within it are some constant themes. First, it takes passion and energy to be successful in any area of life including the business world. There are people who wake up everyday and do things well because they love what they are doing. Secondly, to be successful requires a leader to engage workers who are alienated and disengaged. How can one tap into the latent talents of the workforce? If people are not enjoying their jobs and the environment they work in, they will never attain their goals and the work they do won't be worth it. Always Remember: If it Ain't Fun, It Ain't Worth Doing! is a well written book and will be especially appreciated by those who enjoy learning and pondering the contents of interesting fiction. Reading this book is both fun and educational. You have probably heard of reality television, this book is reality management." WeLead Incorporated

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