AHA moments from the Bible: Answers to the hard questions people on the street are asking, Bruce Benson
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   AHA moments from the Bible: Answers to the hard questions people on the street are asking - Price: $15, Pages:300   

by Bruce Benson, ISBN: 978-0999803950
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Bruce Benson, the Harvard Square Bible guy, has helped thousands get an AHA moment from the Bible, face to face on the street. Bruce spent seven years SILENTLY holding a sign: "Take my Bible Quiz? Free!" People would ask Bruce questions they themselves had about the Bible and social issues. Find out what went on in spontaneous conversations with complete strangers. You'll learn what study tools are available and how to use them to find answers on your own. "AHA moments from the Bible" is a book for Christians, atheists, skeptics, people of various religions, and those who would never set foot in a church. It's full of bite-sized explanations that get straight to the point and actually ANSWER questions. [ Rate Book ]  [ Report Listing ]

Biography :

Bruce Benson, the Harvard Square Bible guy, is a self-taught Christian. He's never darkened the door of a Bible school — God blessed him with good books and teachers for his independent studies. He's not ordained by a denomination, so nobody's telling him what to say — and he's not trying to recruit anybody.

Bruce loves to talk about the Bible. He went to Harvard Square and silently held a sign which led to conversations and a surprise: Bruce was thrilled to discover that when he shared truths from the Bible, he'd see faces light up. They understood — they got aha moments.

Bruce has done honest, independent studies into the Bible to find answers to questions asked by people on the street. Because he is freed from the pressure to conform to the groupthink of seminaries and denominations, Bruce gives answers that others might be unwilling to. His question and answer style comes from seven years in Harvard Square asking and answering questions. Bruce presents the Bible in the context of those spontaneous conversations, which gives "AHA moments from the Bible" a fresh, urgent, real feel.

What makes Bruce different is that he was led and ordained by God without the help of Bible schools and churches. If you're tired of the same old sameness of churches and pastors who are afraid to rock the corporate boat, then hearing what Bruce has to say in "AHA moments from the Bible" is for you. Find out the lessons God taught Bruce as a reward for his years of studying and years doing a street ministry. There's potential for AHA moments for you on every page of this book. What are you waiting for?

Book Review :

Top review
Susan Zincone
5.0 out of 5 stars

This book is easy to read and very well put together
June 21, 2018

If you are a believer or not a believer you need to read this book. Bruce Benson answers the questions we've all been asking for most of our lives.

This book is easy to read and very well put together. This a book you can read from front to cover or reference as needed.

I've reached the age of 54 having many questions regarding my faith and what I was raised to believe and I've finally found some of the answers...

You won't be disappointed.

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