Yes! I Said No!, Barbra E. Russell
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   Yes! I Said No! - Price: $12.95,$3.99 (eBook), Pages:96   
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by Barbra E. Russell, ISBN: 978-0-9980779-0-1  (e-book)
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Yes! I Said No! gives you specific tools to set healthy boundaries and re-take control of your life. You will learn how to do what YOU want to do. Without Drama. Without Anger. Without Fear.
A series of simple-to-follow examples and clearly stated tools will help you invest in yourself, will help you say YES when you want to and say NO when you need to.
You will learn how to:
• say no without blowing up, wimping out or running away
• stop being a people pleaser
• care for people without carrying them
• restore healthy relationships
Is it hard to find time for yourself?
Do you often ignore what you want, and focus instead of what others want?
Do you find it difficult to speak up for yourself?

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Biography :

Growing up in Oklahoma City, I didn’t have a childhood dream of becoming an author, but I did love to read – a lot! From reading the backs of cereal boxes to books from the local library, I developed an appreciation for the power and impact of the written word. However, I didn’t write my first book until years later.

After working for many years as an Administrator in a large multi-specialty medical clinical, I returned to school and began a second career. I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling and am licensed in the state of Colorado.

Since then I have spent many hours encouraging, motivating, challenging and inspiring individuals, couples and families in my private practice.

That second career prompted a move to Denver, Colorado, where I established a counseling division at a large church. I’ve also conducted a variety of workshops and I remember well the one I called “Approval Addiction.” So many participants craved more information about setting boundaries that I decided to write “Yes! I Said No!”

My goal was to create an easy-to-read, and more importantly, an easy-to-implement book to truly change lives. This book is designed to help people become free from such issues as negative family patterns or a mistaken belief that pleasing others is a spiritual gift.

I still enjoy reading, and my husband Jerry and I also like to travel and get away to the mountains to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies, photography.

Book Review :

Amazon customer:
I’ve read multiple boundaries books through the years and although each one was helpful, none of them were packed with as much practical application as this book, “Yes, I Said No!”. I read it from cover to cover on a business flight between Nashville and Denver and began putting it into practice immediately. Over the next few months, everyone noticed a difference in my life and I realized I was happier and more content than I had ever been. Now I know my emotional cues that let me know when I need to set a boundary! It is so empowering! As my confidence has grown, many new opportunities keep opening up for me, taking me to higher levels in my career. All of my relationships are getting healthier. I am in awe of all the good things that are coming into my life as I have stopped trying to please everyone and learning when to say “No!”
When someone asks you to lend a helping hand at a time that is impossible for your schedule, can you say no? If you are heading out to relax at your favorite spot and your spouse asks you to instead change your plans to accommodate their needs, do you say no, or not this time? Yes! I Said No! How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Your Self-Esteem by Barbra E. Russell contains fourteen explosive, profound and power-packed chapters about the various ways to set boundaries. Barbra E. Russell has a Masters Degree in Counseling, is an expert in teaching others the art of saying “No.” In Yes! I Said No! How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Your Self-Esteem, you will be taught several tips on how what was once an always “Yes” answer can, in fact, become a healthy “No.”

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