Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts , Liliane Desjardins, Nancy Oelklaus, and Irene Watson
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   Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts - Price: $22.95   

by Liliane Desjardins, Nancy Oelklaus, and Irene Watson, ISBN: 978-1-932690-97-2
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In one sense, alcoholics and drug addicts are the fortunate ones. They have to learn a new way to live or risk death, incarceration, and loss of everything they hold dear. But what about the other members of their family? Because many of them believe that the addict is the problem, they do nothing about their own habits of mind and heart-and continue to live in resentment, anger, and fear, feeding their own stress level and shortening their lives in a way that's, on one level, remarkably similar.

This book contains information, explanation, and processes for change. Following the steps outlined in this book brings peace of mind, forgiveness, reconciliation, and the ability-truly-to live happily ever after.
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Biography :

Nancy Oelklaus, Ed. D. has more than 30 years in education, specializing in curriculum development, professional development, and leadership development. First and foremost, she is a teacher. She's also an author, coach, speaker, and workshop leader.

Irene Watson, MA brings over 40 years of life changing experiences and study into her hands-on retreats and workshops. Her background includes psychosynthesis therapy and entrepreneurship. Irene's vision is to inspire others to find their authentic self.

Liliane Desjardins, LCAS loves helping people to do better. With 32 years of clinical experience, she understands and appreciates the beauty, resilience, resourcefulness and deep intelligence of human spirit.

Book Review :

As this book is written specifically for the families of addicts I think that it fills a void that currently exists. There are tons and tons of books focusing on the addict's recovery, but this work is unique in that it focuses on the often forgotten family of the addict. The addict's addiction has life changing effects on family members and "Rewriting Life Scripts" is a comprehensive guide that will help those family members come to peace, forgive, and to be happy.

I really like the format in which the information is presented in "Rewriting Life Scripts." The various sections of the book encourage the reader to stop and examine the issues that he/she is facing. There are workbook style questions such as "What are you powerless over right now?" and "Which of your old beliefs, opinions, attitudes are you giving up?" along with space for the reader to write out his/her answers. The book is very interactive and I believe that this approach really aids in comprehension of the material and will truly help in the family's recovery.

"Rewriting Life Scripts- Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts" is a guide that would be beneficial to anyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction and/or is in the recovery process. Everything is explained very thoroughly and in an easy-to-understand manner. Recovery of the family is extremely important and this book will definitely guide you down the right path in order to make yourself healthy and whole again.

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