Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery: Twenty True Stories from the Soul , Barbara Sinor
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   Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery: Twenty True Stories from the Soul - Price: $19.95   

by Barbara Sinor, ISBN: 978-1615990375
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The stories of tragedy and redemption found within “Tales of Addiction” are not about the well known celebrities. Rather, these stories are true-grit tales told by people you will never meet but whose words will haunt you for months, years maybe. Interwoven throughout, Barbara and her son share their own story of pain and struggle. In this book, you'll learn:

How an addict's life begins
Understand the difficulties in taking initial steps to uncover denial
Intimate details of how many stay straight and sober
Gain a new perspective about our national addiction population
Learn why that Something More means so much to so many
What happens when the addict or alcoholic loses their battle
How you can help
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Biography :

Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. is a Psychospiritual Therapist dealing with childhood abuse/incest, PTSD, addiction recovery, and adult children of alcoholics. Dr. Sinor uses integral holistic methods encompassing forms of hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Jungian dreamwork, and other transpersonal techniques. Dr. Sinor holds a Doctorate in Psychology, a Master of Arts from John F. Kennedy University, and her Bachelor of Arts degree is from Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges.
Learn more at www.DrSinor.com.

Book Review :

Addiction is a disease that often doesn't present itself in a form that onlookers notice; it's often hidden by the addict to a point even the closest friends and family don't know about it. And, at other times the family of the addict cover it up so well that closest friends don't even realize there is a problem. As I read each story in "Tales of Addiction" by Dr. Barbara Sinor I felt the pain, dismay, denial, and hopelessness of each writer. Some stories are just down-right difficult to read and offered much contemplation as I reflected back on my own life and experiences.

Yet, every one of the stories offers hope. We get the distinct guidance that a shift happens in us and we begin to accept the addiction as real and seek recovery. This goes for both - the addict and the family member. Just because we don't have a substance addiction, it doesn't mean we aren't susceptible to enabling, which ends up being an addiction in itself.

Poignant, reflective, and offering the knowing there is hope and recovery, "Tales of Addiction" gives the reader the sense they are not alone. But most of all, the stories reflect compassion and in the end the true identity of each person.

(Irene Watson, author of “The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference”)

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