Taming Marital Arguments: Breaking Out of the T.R.A.P., Robert P. Rugel
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   Taming Marital Arguments: Breaking Out of the T.R.A.P. - Price: $18.95   

by Robert P. Rugel, ISBN: 978-1615990191
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If you feel that your conversations with your partner suddenly escalate into arguments and lead to increasing emotional distance between you, then this book was written for you! In this book you will:

Learn why spouses get stuck in repetitive, useless arguments.
Explore why your partner might perceive you as the enemy.
Discover the behaviors that commonly threaten our partners.
Determine what you need to work on to improve your marriage.
Conquer your own defensive/self-protective tendencies.
Recover the friend and lover your partner used to be.

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Biography :

Robert P. Rugel, Ph.D.grew up in suburban Philadelphia and currently lives in Northern Virginia. For over 35 years, Dr. Rugel has worked with individuals and couples in his clinical practice. He has also taught courses in clinical psychology and marital therapy at George Mason University where he is now an Emeritus faculty member.

Dr. Rugel is always looking for effective ways to help individuals and couples improve their lives and their marriages. He will continue to work, write, go to the movies with his wife, and in his spare time pursue his quest to become an average golfer.

Book Review :

Let's face it- couples fight and make-up. Sometimes though it seems as if the fighting gets worse and couples end up getting a divorce. In "Taming Marital Arguments: Breaking Out of the T.R.A.P.," Dr. Rugel has provided readers with a wealth of information and exercises to help couples find out if they have a tendency to sabotage their relationships.

This guide is a genuine source of assessing your relationship and if one sees they are part of the problem, the author gives tips on how to make changes. Even being a practicing Psychologist for over twenty-five years, I found myself deeply involved in completing the exercises and, much to my surprise (or denial), I found that I often participate in the T.R.A.P. The T.R.A.P. stands for Threaten, React and Protect.

In addition to the exercises and tips, the author shares stories of couples he has worked with and how they would fall into the pattern of belittling, degrading and withdrawing from their significant other. This guide is written in an easy-to-read and understand format. All of the exercises and rating scales will help couples take a good look at how they contribute to a negative emotional climate. I have recommended "Taming Marital Arguments: Breaking Out of the T.R.A.P." to my college psychology students as a resource for their library.

(Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views)

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