Healing With Words: A writer's cancer journey , Diana M. Raab
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   Healing With Words: A writer's cancer journey - Price: $19.95   

by Diana M. Raab, ISBN: 978-1-61599-010-8
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“Healing With Words: A Writer's Cancer Journey” is a compassionate and wry self-help memoir written by an award-winning prolific author, nurse and poet, who at the age of forty-seven found her life shattered first by a DCIS (early breast cancer) diagnosis and five years later by another, seemingly unrelated and incurable cancer--multiple myeloma. The book includes the author's experiences, reflections, poetry, and journal entries, in addition to writing prompts for readers to express their own personal story. Raab's journals have provided a safe haven and platform to validate and express her feelings. Raab views journaling to be like a daily vitamin--in that it heals, detoxifies and is essential for optimal health.

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Biography :

Diana M. Raab, RN, MFA, is an essayist, memoirist and poet who teaches in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and is a frequent lecturer and workshop leader at conferences and festivals across the country. Her award-winning writing has been widely-published and anthologized in numerous publications. She is the author of eight books, including her recent collection of poems, The Guilt Gene (2009), Writers and Their Notebooks (January 2010) and her forthcoming memoir, Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey (Loving Healing Press, 2010). More about her can be learnt at her website http://www.dianaraab.com and blog http://www.dianaraab.wordpress.com.

Book Review :

"Healing with Words" is a real look at cancer through the eyes of someone who has experienced and overcome the physical aspects of this life-shattering disease. "Healing with Words" is a well-written, eye-opening and painfully honest book. It is a realistic look at cancer from someone who has experienced it and lived through it first-hand. The author, Diana M. Raab, has taken the time to share with her readers a very intimate accounting of an extremely hard time in her life. There is no history of any type of cancer in her family and yet she was unlucky enough to be diagnosed with this disease. Twice.

Raab walks us through her life starting with when she was first diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) which is an early form of breast cancer. She shares her pain, devastation and disbelief that this was actually happening to her in a manner which anyone who has had or currently has cancer will be able to relate to. She also provides her reflections, poetry and even some of her private journal entries. Throughout "Healing with Words" Raab gives insightful information and helpful advice that only someone who has personally traveled this horrific road would be able to offer. The fact that she has experienced cancer first-hand and refused to let it beat her should provide comfort to anyone reading this book looking for guidance or a kindred spirit.

"Healing with Words" is a powerful book and I feel the message contained within its pages will help many in the generations to come. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with a cancer diagnosis as well as to that person's family members and friends.

(Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads)

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