Awakening Consciousness: A Boy's Guide! , Robin Marvel
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   Awakening Consciousness: A Boy's Guide! - Price: $17.95    

by Robin Marvel, ISBN: 978-1-932690-91-0
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“Awakening Consciousness: A Boy's Guide!” is a workbook designed to encourage inner-strength and growth that will encourage self-security. This action-packed guide is chock full of fun hands-on activities for all ages that will motivate and enhance a path of self-awareness, including:

Making your own drum
ChakraCizing your body and spirit
Finding your totem
Practicing the pendulum
Discovering your spirit guide
Learning how to keep a strong aura
Native-American legends and lore

With Awakening Consciousness: A Boy's Guide workbook, boys will have a wonderful time exploring their spiritual side. In fact, I believe adults would enjoy it too!"
--Kelly Wallace, professional psychic counselor, author 10 Minutes a Day to a Powerful New Life!
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Biography :

Robin Marvel is an Author, Empowerment and Life Positivity Coach, Energetic Specialist, and Motivational Speaker for children and adults as well as the senior editor for Marvelous Spirit Press. Using tools from her “Awakening Consciousness” book series, she is expanding creativity and self awareness in beings everywhere. Robin is Leading Out Loud as the owner of Marvelous Empowerment, providing a variety of workshops to encourage empowerment in all ages. More information on Marvelous Empowerment can be found at, a website designed to strengthen your being while encouraging Universal Awareness.

Book Review :

"Awakening Consciousness- A Boy's Guide!" by Robin Marvel is part of the "Growing With Love" series of books published by Loving Healing Press. Marvel begins the book with a note telling us that "Boys have a specific label in society. As parents, it is our job to eliminate those labels and create a safe environment for your son to grow in. By teaching your son to be confident within himself you are building a foundation for a successful loving person that will change the world."

The book is written in a workbook type format and is filled with many hands-on activities. A number of different topics are discussed including auras, chakras, meditation, dreams, crystals, mind reading, and affirmations. After each introduction to the subject there is an applicable exercise for your children to take part in. This type of interactive format aids in comprehension and helps to drive home the points being made. What a better way to learn than by actually doing!

Out of all of the activities in the book that we did, my sons liked the "Let Your Heart Beat" chapter the most. In that section Marvel talks about how Native Americans "believed that the beat of the drum represented the Earth's heartbeat. Being a part of a drumming circle creates a bond between you and mother Earth." (p. 43) She includes very easy directions on how to make a balloon drum. We really enjoyed this project and look forward to next trying to make the didgeridoo (a musical wind instrument).

In conclusion, "Awakening Consciousness- A Boy's Guide!" by Robin Marvel is a wonderful book to help your sons (and you!) become more aware and to become more in touch with their spiritual side.

(Kam Aures)

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