Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Sensational Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder , Chynna T. Laird
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   Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Sensational Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder - Price: $17.95    

by Chynna T. Laird, ISBN: 978-1-61599-008-5
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What would you do if your child suffered with something so severe it affected every aspect of her life?

By age two, Jaimie was so fearful of her world they spent most days inside. But Jaimie wasn't "just spirited" as her physician suggested nor did she lack discipline at home. When Jaimie was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), her mom, Chynna, thought she had "the answer," but that was just the start of a three-year quest for the right treatments, With the right diagnosis and treatment, this family finally felt hope. “Not Just Spirited” is one mother's journey” to finding peace for her daughter. As Chynna says, "Knowledge breeds understanding. And that's so powerful."

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Biography :

Chynna lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her three daughters [Jaimie (almost seven), Jordhan (five), and Sophie (eighteen months)] and baby boy, Xander (three). Her passion is helping children and families living with Sensory Processing Disorder and other special needs.

You'll find her work in many online and in-print parenting, inspirational, Christian and writing publications in Canada, United States, Australia, and Britain. In addition, she's authored a children's book, a memoir (now available!) and a reference book about the Sensory Diet coming January 2011.

Please visit Chynna's website at to get a feel for her work and what inspires her.

Book Review :

"Not Just Spirited" tells the story of a mother desperately trying to help her daughter deal with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). At three months of age, Jaimie acted differently than what her parents expected her to. She did not seem to be able to relate to her environment or her parents the way that an infant normally would. Initially, her mother's concerns were dismissed by her pediatrician. As Jaimie reached two years of age, it could no longer be denied that something was wrong. Jaimie was "not just spirited" as the parents had been told.

Chynna Laird set out on a difficult path to find help for her daughter. Along the way she learned what SPD is, and how some of the symptoms can be mistaken for Autism. She also discovered how to work within the system to get them to help her daughter. This was really difficult, because first she had to get them to believe that her daughter was different and needed help. Next she had to find the right people who knew how to effectively deal with SPD. I was relieved to see that Chynna still found a way to get her daughter treatment.

Having a chance to read "Not Just Spirited" opened my eyes to what Sensory Processing Disorder is all about. The earlier the intervention, the greater the chance will be that the child can lead a more normal life. Jaimie's journey has not been an easy one, however, Chynna demonstrates how advocating for her daughter has made her life so much easier to manage, and helped her whole family. I truly feel that parents of children with SPD, or really any developmental disability, can learn a lot about self-advocacy from reading "Not Just Spirited" by Chynna T. Laird.

(Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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