Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story , Theresa Ann Fraser, Alex Walton (Illustrator)
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   Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story - Price: $19.95    

by Theresa Ann Fraser, Alex Walton (Illustrator) , ISBN: 978-1-932690-87-3
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Child Protection Services have been involved with Billy and his mother for some time now. He has been happily settled in a kinship placement with his grandmother and enjoys his pet cat, interacting with neighbors and even taking piano lessons. Billy's grandmother has unexpectedly passed away and so the story of “Billy Had To Move” begins.

Unfortunately, Billy's mother cannot be located. Billy's social worker places him in the foster home of Amy, Tim, and their baby "Colly." Billy experiences great loss resulting not only from his grandmother's death, but also the loss of the life he knew. Billy's inner journey therefore has also begun and with the help of Ms. Woods, a Play Therapist, there is hope.
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When you were a child, did you ever move from one place to another and thus have to cope with a new home, new school, new teacher, and new friends? What about a new family? Billy is a seven-year-old first grader. Earlier in the year a social worker had already come to his school because his mother couldn't take care of him and took him to live with his grandmother. After that his mother seemed to disappear. Then one day his grandmother dies. Mr. Lee, the principal, comes and gets him out of class again, and there is another social worker, Mr. Murphy, who takes him to a foster home where he is going to live with Amy, her husband Tim, and their baby daughter Colly.

After Nana's funeral, Billy begins to experience some problems with headaches, tummy aches, and bad dreams. He overhears Amy tell Tim that she thinks that Billy is suffering from anxiety. Toward the end of grade two, Mr. Murphy returns with another social worker, Mrs. Woods, who is a Child and Play Therapist. Billy will start going to her office to talk with her about his feelings while he plays. Will Billy be able to get the help that he needs? All of us experience various kinds of trauma and loss in life, but these things can be particularly difficult for children, especially when the loss involves a close relative. Youth workers, foster parents, therapists, and anyone helping a young person cope with separation trauma will find this book extremely useful.

(Wayne S. Walker for "Home School Book Review")

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