Annabelle's Secret: A Story about Sexual Abuse , Amy Barth, Richa Kinra (Illustrator)
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   Annabelle's Secret: A Story about Sexual Abuse - Price: $15.95    

by Amy Barth, Richa Kinra (Illustrator) , ISBN: 978-1-932690-95-8
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Annabelle has a secret. When she was seven years old, she was approached by a neighborhood boy and invited into a "secret club". Unfortunately, this club was just a ruse for thirteen-year-old Joel to groom Annabelle for abuse. A few years later, when Annabelle turns eleven, she finds some bad feelings have returned for her. Amy Barth's Annabelle could be just the 'friend' a sexually abused child needs, and it models just what parents should to do if their child shares about sexual abuse. A great little resource for children, parents, schools, therapists, treatment agencies, and prevention programs.

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As a parent, what should you do if your daughter or son told you that she or he had been sexually abused by someone. Annabelle is now fourteen and just starting high school. However, when she was seven, a neighborhood boy named Joel, who was thirteen, asked her to join his "secret club" that was only for "big girls." She was the only girl, and after a while he wanted to play a game where he took his pants off and wanted Annabelle to touch him while he touched her. She didn't like the game and it gave her a yucky feeling, but she wanted to be a "big girl." Confused and scared, Annabelle yearned to tell her mom, yet Joel had told her not to tell their secret to anyone.

The subject of this book is certainly not a pleasant thing to read or talk about, but it is definitely one that needs to be discussed. “Annabelle's Secret” would be an excellent resource to encourage a girl, or even a boy, who has experienced sexual abuse. It could also be used in controlled situations to introduce the topic in an effort to instruct children how to avoid becoming a sexual abuse victim.

(Wayne S. Walker for Home School Book Review)

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