Surviving a House Full of Whispers , Sharon Wallace
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   Surviving a House Full of Whispers - Price: $18.95    

by Sharon Wallace, ISBN: 978-1-932690-90-3
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Sharon suffered continual physical and sexual abuse from her stepfather for seven years. Unfortunately, no one would listen to her or believe her story. At age 16, she finally finds the courage to flee from her tormenters. Social Services find her the first of a string of temporary jobs between which she criss-crosses England trying to find a safe haven.
However, she cannot escape her "night devil" completely until she comes to terms with her past. Sharon's growth and recovery from abuse and learning to accept love would be a long road to travel, taking nearly forty years to achieve.
Slowly, she started to rebuild her life and wishes that this book offers the same hope to readers.
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Biography :

Sharon Wallace lives in England with her my Husband and children. She has several pieces of poetry published in the media and online. She is also a keen photographer. Sharon wrote her biography hoping to help others understand their reactions to certain situations when others see only a nuisance or aggressive adult. "Surviving A House Full Of Whispers" is the second book in her "whispers trilogy" and it is now available to purchase online.

Book Review :

The author, Sharon Wallace, was the victim of both physical and sexual abuse of her stepfather while her mother was in denial and contributed emotional abuse as well. No one would believe her story. Tired of being treated like an outcast by her family and friends, she goes to Social Services for assistance. Feeling totally frustrated because they also don't believe her story, she presents herself as a very angry, volatile teenager. Inside, she is a child screaming for someone to rescue her and to believe her story.

To escape, Sharon takes on several jobs; most of them involve being a nanny. Not all of her experiences are positive; however, she is relieved to be out of her house. Not knowing how to recover from being abused, she takes on some negative behaviors such as cutting herself and eating disorders. Sharon also learns that she can defend herself. This makes her stronger, however, the intensity of anger that she feels when she is attacked, also scares her.

I found Sharon's story painful to read. It is horrible that both the family and the whole system would fail to protect an innocent child from abuse. It was heart-wrenching to feel her pain. I truly feel that people experiencing abuse, survivors of abuse, abusers and people who work with these people, should read "Surviving a House Full of Whispers." Sharon's story needs to be read, so that people learn from it.

Upon realizing that history does not have to be repeated, Sharon says, " ...we don't have to own the misery of our childhoods. We can refuse it and return it to its rightful owner, the abuser." I am thankful that Sharon Wallace is willing to share her story in "Surviving a House Full of Whispers."

(Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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