Handwriting for Heroes: Learn to Write with Your Non-Dominant Hand in Six Weeks , Kathleen E. Yancosek, Kristin Gulick
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   Handwriting for Heroes: Learn to Write with Your Non-Dominant Hand in Six Weeks - Price: $22.95    

by Kathleen E. Yancosek, Kristin Gulick, ISBN: 978-1-932690-69-9
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Targeting adults, this book preserves the dignity of those who must "re-learn" the basics of handwriting by providing an alternative to children’s workbooks.

“Handwriting for Heroes” is a task-oriented workbook, for adult learners, that approaches learning to write with your previously non-dominant hand through meaningful repetitions of purposeful writing tasks. It captures the extra-ordinary learning process of a very ordinary task: handwriting.

HThe methods of instruction are based on motor learning principles and the dynamic process of skill acquisition. This is a first-of-its-kind workbook designed for adult populations who sustain injuries to their dominant hands, permanently impairing dexterity functions.

Learning to write with the previously non-dominant hand can be a rewarding accomplishment along the recovery path.
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Biography :

Katie Yancosek is an officer in the Army Medical Specialist Corps. She graduated from Gannon University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in occupational therapy and from Eastern Kentucky University with a Master's of Science degree in occupational therapy. She is pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Kentucky. She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband and two sons.

Kristin Gulick has been enjoying her practice as an Occupational Therapist for 23 years. She graduated from University of Puget Sound and began her practice working with children at Shriner s Hospital in Portland, OR. Kristin s career path led her to focus on rehabilitation of the upper extremity and she became a certified hand therapist in 1996. Currently Kristin serves as the Director of Therapy Services at Advanced Arm Dynamics where she enjoys partnering with clients with upper limb loss in their rehabilitation.

Book Review :

The authors have written a very exceptional workbook to help those individuals with dominant-hand problems regain their writing skills. Both authors state that this gives adults the opportunity to make positive changes in their life by utilizing well-designed, adult material and not children's coloring books.

Each chapter is filled with repetitive exercises that will increase one's fine-motor control and wrist stabilization. There are six chapters as well as a Certificate of Completion. In each chapter there are therapist tips, which include exercises, information about posture, utilizing scissors and the necessity of having good lighting. The authors have provided homework assignments that are easily done in the convenience of one's home while watching TV, reading or visiting.

I believe as the authors do, it is important that individuals utilizing this workbook experience positive outcomes. Each chapter is built off the previous one. If a person doesn't understand something, or needs additional help, it is suggested that they go to the website and speak to a therapist. I found the exercises and lessons interesting, easy to understand and use. There are many people who cannot afford therapy for extended periods of time or are embarrassed about the limited use of their dominant hand. This excellent workbook, "Handwriting for Heroes, by Yancosek and Gulick, is for them.

(Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views)

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