Look Before You Leap: A Premarital Guide for Couples , Sandra L. Ceren
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   Look Before You Leap: A Premarital Guide for Couples - Price: $18.95    

by Sandra L. Ceren, ISBN: 978-1-932690-75-0
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Ready to Tie the Knot?

Originally published as a highly recommended professional text for premarital counselors, the research based quizzes, exercises, and case examples are now available for couples planning to marry. The materials can help you discover more about yourselves and your partner and determine readiness for marital challenges.

• Discover who you really are
• Find out more about your partner
• Determine the quality of your relationship
• Learn how to meet difficult situations
• Gain skills to resolve conflicts
• Acquire better communication
• Achieve a satisfying and enduring relationship
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Book Review :

Dr. Ceren has written a guide for everyone who is contemplating getting married or even delving into a committed relationship. The easy-to-understand language coupled with her forty-years of experience is a must read for all couples.

"Look Before You Leap" provides readers with important questions to ask prior to getting into a relationship and stresses that one should know themselves well before making a commitment. Many times couples go into relationships and have no idea what they want or what their roles should be; nor do they have good communication skills. Oftentimes, as Dr. Ceren states, couples rush into marriage and end up having problems down the road.

This guide originally was used as a professional text for marriage counselors; however, it is a good guide for all couples to utilize even if they are not in couples therapy. The easy-to-read chapters, quizzes and recommendations should be on every therapist's and couple's bookshelves. Dr. Ceren's ability to come across as interested and compassionate is found throughout the book.

The appendix provides a wealth of resources that includes financial help and different types of therapy. I am a firm believer in using movies in therapy as this allows an individual to watch in the comfort of their home and make comparisons to their own relationship. Sometimes it is easier for couples to discuss issues presented in the movies while not directly focusing on themselves. In addition, Dr. Ceren gives recommendations on how to watch the movies, providing questions to ask such as: "Which character did you relate to? Were there some attributes that you would like to develop?"

"Look Before You Leap" by Sandra L. Ceren is an excellent book that one can read over and over and make new notes each time.

(Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views)

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