Moving Your Aging Parents: Fulfilling their Needs and Yours Before, During, and After the Move , Nancy Wesson
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   Moving Your Aging Parents: Fulfilling their Needs and Yours Before, During, and After the Move - Price: $24.95    

by Nancy Wesson, ISBN: 978-1-932690-54-5
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Whether whittling down to the essentials for a parent moving into a room or two or downsizing for ourselves, ignoring the spirit and basing decisions on health and safety alone could have devastating results.

In this hope-filled book, you will learn how to:

Identify needs and desires to create a quality new life
Cope with the Depression Era mind-set
Create emotionally sustaining environments to nurture the soul
Ready and sell the family home
Ask the RIGHT questions to help divest of treasures
Manage your energy and spirit throughout the process

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Biography :

Nancy intuitively combines her education, training, interests, and expertise to create a toolbox of skills and services to take you, or your business, beyond surviving to thriving.

Her work is both transformational and practical. The guidance she gives comes from experience in applying these tools to a broad range of successes in the realms of Business, Feng Shui, Mediation, ADD/ADHD Coaching, Organization, Real Estate Analysis and Life Transition.

Nancy offers seminars in Feng Shui, People Reading Skills, ADD/ADHD, Applied Intuition, Real Estate Analysis, Thriving After Divorce, and Dispute Resolution as well as custom topics. She teaches courses at the Academy of Oriental Medicine, the University of Texas Informal Classes, Texas State University, Austin Board of Realtors, San Marcos Board of Realtors and other venues. She has made guest appearances on KLRU television is Austin, TX, was the featured guest on an episode of At Home produced by Shenandoah University Public Television in Winchester, VA, and has traveled as a featured expert speaker for Princess Cruise Lines. Nancy writes for numerous local publications, including a regular syndicated column on Feng Shui in The Austin Homesteader. She also serves clients in D.C. where she has presented at The United States Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Justice. Visit her online at

Book Review :

There are very few certainties in life. We are born and we die. If we’re lucky, we age. If we’re very lucky, our parents live to a ripe old age as well. When that happens, the traditional roles of children and parents become somewhat reversed. The oh-so-strong, capable and never-wrong person of our youth all of a sudden finds him- or herself in need of our assistance - their child! This is always a difficult position to be in, and usually it’s true for both of the involved parties. So how does one handle such delicate situations without "putting down" one's parents?

Wesson's "Moving Your Aging Parents" is a true gem of a book. It is rarely gentle, compassionate, but utterly useful and practical at the same time. Wesson seems to have thought of every aspect of moving - from the very initial stages of planning and mapping things out, to the practicalities of the actual moving activities, packing, unpacking and settling in to the ways to create a "new home" quickly and efficiently. Wesson understands very clearly that a house is not a home, and she guides the reader into making it a home quickly, suggesting the essential activities, key pieces and rituals to achieve that. She is forever attentive to the fact that it’s the parent's comfort, safety and happiness that count the most and she suggests ways of respecting their wishes, while maintaining a level of practicality and feasibility.

I found this book an invaluable resource not only for those who have to help parents move, but really for anybody contemplating a move in general. It provides all the advice on the technicalities of moving you'll ever need; and it will also teach you valuable lessons in patience, understanding, and compassion.

(Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views)

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