Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Grief , Leslee Tessmann
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   Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Grief - Price: $17.95    

by Leslee Tessmann, ISBN: 978-1-932690-53-8
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“Sacred Grief” offers an intriguing exploration of the far-reaching ripple effect of our present-day opinions about surviving grief's emotional roller-coaster and the unnecessary suffering our judgments unconsciously promote. You'll find comfort in discovering that there's another dimension to this universal experience--a dimension that fosters trust, kindness and compassion, peacefully heals, and steadfastly moves you towards your soul's deepest desires and dreams.

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Biography :

Leslee Tessmann discovered her passion for writing at age 18. As her new book Sacred Grief describes, a lengthy period of losses and life challenges distracted her from pursuing a career as an author. Her work as a marketing consultant and technical writer kept her interest in writing alive, but it wasn’t until her father’s death in 2004 when Leslee began to act on her life-long dream and calling to be an author. As life made its twists and turns, Leslee also became passionate about the power of language. Leslee's education in psychology, sociology, and ontology, along with her experience with 12-step programs, hospice organizations, and interest in Eastern philosophies, all contributed to the ideas and concepts presented in "Sacred Grief". Along with promoting her book, Leslee is facilitating workshops, lecturing, and developing a book that explores the complexities and dimensions of grief.

Book Review :

This simple, yet extremely powerful book, presents a gentle way to discover within oneself a path of recovery from loss, be it from death or any other loss. Tessmann's tender words resonate throughout the book, leading the reader to a place of healing and direction to move forward with life.

Tessmann starts off with her own story, a story of struggle with the losses through death: family, friends, and a pet dog. But, there were other losses in her life; her daughter to substance addiction, husbands through divorces, and a job. Her final loss that brought her to re-discover herself was the loss of her father.

Through re-discovering herself, and coming to terms with grief, Tessmann was able to create a relationship with grief. This becomes the first step she advocates and gives simple explanations and steps on how to create this relationship. Tessmann says "...our initial reaction to finding ourselves in this process might be fear, anger, or dread." She further claims that often our relationships to grief are based on our own "myths and critical assessments" therefore causing us to refrain from addressing our issues. With clarity and gentleness, Tessmann guides the readers into thinking of their own situation, their own adversity to embracing grief, and moving past the false beliefs and fears, and finally creating a healthy relationship with grief, making it, as she calls it "Sacred Grief."

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has experienced any type of loss in life and is willing to look at the loss through a different set of eyes. "Sacred Grief" will lead the reader to a place of compassion for oneself , create a relationship with his/her own grief, and ultimately create a place of understanding and a healed soul.

(Irene Watson for Reader Views)

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