Regaining Control: When Love Becomes a Prison , Tami Brady
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   Regaining Control: When Love Becomes a Prison - Price: $18.95    

by Tami Brady, ISBN: 978-1-932690-12-5
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Loving, caring, and well meaning spouses, families, and caregivers can unwittingly gnaw away at self confidence and self esteem until a person is trapped in an unhealthy situation.

Are you at risk?

Would you be financially secure without your spouse's income?
Do you find it hard to say "No"?
Do you feel unlovable or ugly?
Have you given up on your dreams?
Are you truly unhappy with your life?

If so, there is hope! It is possible to regain your self esteem, rebuild your self confidence, and become independent once more.

Independence is a skill, an attitude, and a lifestyle that anyone can achieve.
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Biography :

Dr. Tami Brady earned a BA and an MA in Archaeology and Heritage before turning her interests to alternative medicine (RP, RM, DD), largely due to her own experiences with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Today she provides Whole Health Therapy sessions to help people with Fibromyalgia. She is the author of nine books the latest of which is Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey. More information about Tami, her Whole Health Therapy services, and her various publications can be found on her website at

Book Review :

In a society where we think equality is a given, Tami Brady opens eyes. She begins her book, "Regaining Control: When Love Becomes a Prison" with some shocking statistics - "only 1% of the world's assets are held in the name of women" and "over half of the women of this generation do not themselves receive, from either employment or the state, enough to `get by'." When considering these statements, it's not hard to understand why many women stay in damaging relationships for the sake of financial security. Unfortunately, this only worsens their self-esteem, keeps the cycle of abuse going, and teaches the next generation that it's okay to live a degrading situation.

"Regaining Control: When Love Becomes a Prison" is workbook that takes an in-depth look at what's holding you back and how you can reclaim your self-confidence. Beautifully written in a gentle, guiding tone, Brady's text digs into the triggers that cause dependence problems. With these answers in hand, the reader utilizes her easy-to-follow steps for an individualized recovery. "Regaining Control" is meant for women who are trapped in dependent relationships.

Probably the most surprising part of this book is learning that not all abuse and devaluing behavior is intentional. Brady notes, "Sometimes, even people with the best of intentions unwittingly and unknowingly help eat away at our self worth. In their minds, they are just helping out in times of trouble or are supporting you..." For those that see abuse as entirely intended this is truly an unexpected realization. Although when considering those situations where the mistreatment is deliberate, Brady includes additional resources for domestic violence, emergency contacts, support groups, and further research.

"Regaining Control" is a fresh alternative in a sea of self-help books.

(Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views)

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