The Secrets of Medical Decision Making: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Health Care Machine, Oleg I. Reznik
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   The Secrets of Medical Decision Making: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Health Care Machine - Price: $18.95    

by Oleg I. Reznik, ISBN: 978-1-932690-17-0
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We are all patients at some time. Is the medical industry giving us the best treatment possible, at the best price? It isn’t. This book covers all the health care settings a reader may encounter: outpatient, inpatient, preventive, and end-of-life care setting.

Including personal stories of patients, it introduces a concept of a Medical Box—forces having a stronger hold on most physicians than the heavy chains of prison shackles. Four corners of the Medical Box are:

Fear of litigation
Financial and time pressure
Guidelines of Health Care authorities
The current Medical Model

The most important theme is empowering prospective patients to use their own common sense and trust their own judgment in making medical decisions about their medical care.

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Biography :

Oleg I. Reznik is a board certified family physician with holistic approach, in private practice in Sellwood area of Portland. From 2006 to 2009, he worked for OHSU department of Family Medicine and was promoted from Clinical Instructor to Assistant Professor. At his private office, he sees adults and children, uses mental imagery and other techniques of mind-body medicine to treat physical, emotional, and mental illness and treat addictions. He tries to minimize patients' reliance on medications, while encouraging personal transformation and healthy activities.

A vital part of his education was his nine-year apprenticeship with a teacher of mind-body integrative medicine, Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat (1909-2003). Colette practiced mind-body integrative medicine for seventy years. She was a master of mental techniques that can effect profound changes in the mind and body. It is with her that Reznik witnessed and learned how to facilitate profound changes in the mind and body through the use of creative imagination.

He was certified by The American Institute for Mental Imagery (a post-graduate training center in New York City, which teaches this method) in Imagination, Mental Imagery, and Phenomenology.

Book Review :

If you want to know why doctors make some of the recommendations they do, then here is the book for you. Speaking as both a physician and a patient, Reznik helps us to understand what motivates our physicians and why they often say the things they do. "The Secrets of Medical Decision Making" is a book we can all benefit from reading because we all need health care at some time, or we are put in the situation of needing to make medical decisions for another. Oleg I. Reznik, M.D. has a goal of making us conscious and informed in the medical decisions we must make; by doing so we could have a much better health care system than we currently have.

I found the information on several different medical tests to be quite informative. We are given some questions to think about before agreeing to a test and the reasons why doctors prescribe the tests to begin with. Reznik speaks at length about prostate screening and the treatment of prostate cancer, mammograms, and how the statistics on cancer survival have progressed. All the information he presents is quite interesting and worth one's time to read in order to be a more informed individual.

Everyone may not find all the information presented by Reznik to be relevant, but we can all benefit from the ideas presented. I personally will feel less intimidated the next time I ask, "Why?" when the doctor recommends something I am not sure about. Take charge of your health and do what is best for YOU. Reading this book is well worth anyone's time who wants to be an informed patient.

(Reviewed by Kelli Glesige for Reader Views)

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