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   WINING MY LIFE IN AMERICA - Price: $14.95   

by Roman Akafate, ISBN:
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This is a book about a real life, amazing journey, of an Ethiopian Orphan who lived in heartbreaking conditions for almost 20 years. That is, until she came to America at age 24 by Winning an Immigrant Lottery, also known as, (Diversity Visa). You have to read her book to truly see how many adversities she had to overcome to reach to where she is today, which is enjoying “The American Dream”. Once you read this book, you will become confident that you can overcome any adversity that you may be facing. Her story will give you the strength and hope, to go on in-spite of all the challenges that you may come to pass. [ Rate Book ]  [ Report Listing ]

Biography :

To make a long story short, from the beginning of ninth grade, to the time I left Ethiopia which is a total of 7-8 years, I had lived in about 10-12 different relative’s homes and experienced lots of very difficult times; including being homeless.

With all the circumstances, the trials and tribulations, with all of the feelings of unwanted and cursed, and with all the feelings of insecurity and less human, with all the feelings of being invisible, with all the feelings of why did God created me and left me in this trap that I can not get out of, with all the blaming of God and my mother for bringing me to this cruel world, I had one positive thing that kept me going even when going had gotten so tough.

The one thing that helped me carry on, and move on, no matter what I went through was my school. I focused on staying in school, knowing someday that it will set me free. I believed strongly that staying in school was so important, no matter what my circumstances were.

Now,I live the American Dream in the beautiful state of Washington together with my husband of 18 years and our four beautiful girls.

God has been good to me from the time of losing my mother to now.He fed me when I was hungry.He dressed me when I needed clothing.He provided me shelter when I did not have a home.He kept me healthy even when I lived in unhealthy conditions.He wiped my tears and filled my heart with hope when I felt hopeless.He lead my way when I thought there was no way.He alone was my dad when my father abandoned me.I was his favored child that received all of his kind care and for that I am forever grateful!!!

Book Review :

“Winning My Life in America is truly a wonderful and uplifting story. Roman Akafate’s incredible journey is sure to be an inspiration to anyone who needs a reminder of what really matters in this world.”

– Craig Duswalt, Creator and Author of the RockStar System For Success,

“Does it get any better than this? From a shepherd girl in Ethiopia to a entrepreneur in America, Roman Akafate not only lived the American dream, but in her book, she also shows YOU how to stop making excuses and live the life of your dreams – no matter what obstacles get in your way!”

– Ed Rush, Former F-18 Fighter Pilot

“Roman’s story will inspire and motivate you to never give-up when faced with a difficult situation and to always pursue your dreams!”

– James Malinchak, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul,

“Roman, I am liking your story more and more, and like a good book, it makes me want to keep reading. What a history you have.”

– Judi, Author and Editor of Several Novels, Magazines, Articles

“Wow, Roman, I am impressed! (And I don’t get impressed very easily.) I have heard and read a lot of ice breakers over the years, but nothing like yours; you are truly a brave woman with an inspiring story!”

– Doug Cullen, President, TV Toastmasters
Executive Producer of TV Toastmasters Presents

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