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Participating Organizations

Only the names of organizations associated with active accounts on bookhitch are listed below. We will periodically check our account listings and update our records accordingly.

Please inform us if the links are not working correctly, if you would like to edit your link, or if you feel that we have excluded your organization.

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10:10 Publications
100 Minute Press
1st Stream Publishing
31 Inc.
4RV Publishing LLC


A Cappela Publishing
a2z Publications LLC
ABA Sales
Abbeville Press
ABDO Publishing Group
Abecedarian Books, Inc.
Absolute XPress
Acanthus Press LLC
Accentuate Services
Accurate Writing & More
ACTA Publications
Actar D
Action Publishing LLC
AD Hoc Classifieds
Adao Institute
ADG Productions
Advance Books Company
Advanced Consulting & Marketing Services
Adventure Travel Writer
Affluent Publishing Corporation
African American Images
Afton Historical Society Press
Agogeebic Press LLC
Aio Publishing Co., LLC
AJL Publishers
Akashic books
Alaska Writer LLC
Alcazar AudioWorks
Aldrich Press
Alexandrian Archives, Inc.
Aliform Publishing
Alinar Publishing
Alnpete Press
Alouette Verlag, Publishers
Alpha Publishing House
Alphar Publishing
Altai Publishers
Amalgam Studio LLC
Amani Publishing
Ameera Publishing
American Carriage House
America Learns, LLC
American Legacy Media
American Quilter's Society
American Social Health Association
Amherst Media, Inc
Amigo del Mar Press
Amigo Publications
Anco Enterprises
Angel Dog Entertainment
Angel Press Publishing
Animal Reiki Source
Animals in Pastels
Anina's Book Company
Anne Geddes Publishing
Anser Publishing
Antrim House
Anvil Press
Aor Surf Colony
APC, Inc.
ARIEL Connections
Arigan Publishers
Arissa Media Group
Arizona Institute of Reflexology & Clinic
Arod Productions
Around the Way Books
Art Media Resources, Inc
Arte Público Press (University of Houston)
ARW Productions
Ash Tree Publishing
Aspen Mountain Publishing
Aspicomm Media
Associated Content
Asta Publications, LLC
Aten Publishing
Auberge de Stowe B&B
Augustinian press
Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
Authors Ink Books
Autumn House Press
Axiom Action
Axios Institute


B&H Publishing Group
B&J Press LLC
Bach khoa
Background Actors Seminars
Back-To-One Books
Bad Attitude Productions
Balneum Books
Bangkok Book House
Banning Press
Bar Stories
Bards and Sages Publishing
Barkley Publishing, LLC
Barnard College
Barry Maher & Associates
Bathroom Readers' Press
Battelle Press
Bauu Press
Beagle Bay, Inc.
BearManor Media
Beaufort Books
Bedford Publications
Bell Springs Publishing
Be-Mondo Publishing
Ben Bosah Books
The Benefactory Inc
BentDaiSha, LLC
Bentley College
Berg Publishers
Berkshire Publishing
Best 100 Ideas
Betsy Model Media Relations
BG Computer Medics
Big Guy Books, Inc
Bigwater Publishing
Birds Hill Publishing
BL Press LLC
Black Cab Productions
Black Lyon Publishing
Blackstone Audio, Inc
Blackstone Editions
Bloomfield Press
Blooming Twig Books LLC
Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute
BMC Publications
BNi Books
BOA Editions, Ltd.
BoldStar Communications
Bone Print Press
Bonus Books
Book Promotion
Book Worm Publishing LLC
Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.
Boon to body
Bottom Dog Press
Bouncing Ball Books Inc.
Bourgeois Enterprises
BowTie Press
Boy's Guide Books
Breathing Space Institute
Briefcase Moms
Bright Moment
Bright Mountain Books
Bright Ring Publishing
Bright Star Int'l Holdings Ltd
Bristol Publishing Enterprises
Buckskin Press
Buddha's Light Publishing
Bull Publishing Company
Bunker Hill Publishing
BurnsBooks Publishing
Buttoned Up, Inc.
Buzziwog, Inc


C.S. Publishing
C3 Publications
C4U Agency
Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC
Cambridge Institute for Better Vision
Camino Books
Candalyse Publishing
Cardinal Publishers Group
CareTrust Publications
Carnifex Press
Catalyst Book Press
CE Bilingual Books LLC
CE Publishing
Cedar Valley Publishing
Cedar Vista Press
Celebrate Love
Celephi Books
Cellar Door Publishing
Celtic WordCraft
Center Lane Press
Charles River Press Inc.
Chasem2 Productions
Chicago Distribution Center
Child and Family Center
Chin Music Press
Chloe Publishing Ltd
Choc Lit
Christian America Foundation
Chrysalis Press
Cicatrix, Inc.
Cicero Endeavors
Cincinnatus Press
Circle of Atonement
Citizen Control Publishing
City Lights Entertainment
Clarence Publications
Classical Comics
Classroom Complete Press
Clearly Speaking
Clifton Edwin Publishing
Clive Littin & Associates Ltd
Clumsy Ducks Publishing
CMN Productions
Coaches Choice
Coachwhip Publications
Cobblestone Creek Publishing
Collaborative Creativity
Colen Publishing
Collector Books
College of William & Mary
Collegiate Forum
Columbia University
Com V Ltd.
Comfort Publishing
Community Press
ComStar Media, LLC
Confident Faith Institute LLC
Conscious Kernels, Inc.
Consumer Law Books Publishing House
Cool Stuff Media, Inc.
CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing
Cooper Ministries
Copperhill Media
Coptologia Publications
Corporate Jester
Cottonwood Press, Inc.
Council Oak Books
Counselor of the Heart
Counterpath Press
Couples Committed To Love
Courage Crafters
Cow Shell Graphics
Creative Book Publishers International
Creative Bookworm Press
Creative Cakes
Creative Construction Publishing
Creative Endeavors Publishing
CREST Publications
Cross Keys Press
Crossing Guard Books
Crossquarter Publishing
CSN Books
Cutting Block Press
CVD Publishing
Cyclotour Guide Books


Dailey International Publishers
Daimon Books
Darimar Entertainment.
Dawn Publications
Deadly Ink
Delamere resources llc
Dem Publishing & Language Services
Denise Meridith Consultants Inc
Derek Hart Entertainment
Devenish Press
Devora & Pitspopany
Diet Plans
DJT Distributing
DNA Press
Dodi Press
Dog Eared Publications
Dog Lovers Bookshop
Dollhouse Publications
Dominion Global Publishing
Don't eat any bugs productions
Dorcas Publishing
Dragon's Beard Publishing
Dumbo Books
Dundurn Group
Dynamic PR


E.T. Nedder Publishing
EarthBound Books
Eastern Mennonite University
The Eastlake-Despres Company
Eastland Press
Eastside Catering Services
Eat Stay Play
ee publishing & productions, llc
EKR Publications
Elite Books
Elius Books Internet Limited
Eloquence Press
Emergent Awareness Press
EMIDA International Publishers
Emmaus Road Publishing
Emmett Enterprises, INC.
EmpireStateBloke Ltd
Empowering People
Energy Alternatives LLC
Epicenter Press Inc.
Eschar Publications
Esprit de Equestre
eTreasures Publishing
Everett Madison Publishing
Evergreen Pacific Publishing
eXcessica publishing
Explosively Fit Strength Training
Expressions of Love Publishing
Extraordinary People LLC
Eye in the Ear


F&M Enterprises
Face Reading
The Fairness Project
Falcon Publishing, LTD
Fast Foot Forward Press
Feed Forward Publications
The Feminist Press at The City University of New York
Feng Shui Market
Fideli Publishing
Fifteenth Street Publishing
Fig Tree Press
FireCrystal Communications
Firefly Publishing & Entertainment, LLC
Fisher King Press
Fitchburg State College
The Five O'Clock Club
Flashlight Press
Florida Writers Association
Flume Press (California State University)
Flying Pen Press
FMS Publications
Focus on the Family
Food for Tots
Footprint Press, Inc.
Foremost Press
Forest Press
Forest Woods Media
Fountain City Publishing Company
Four Mile Press
Four Seasons Books, Inc.
FourFront Media and Music
Fretwater Press


G dot Media
G.E.M Productions
Gaian Publishing
Gareth Stevens Inc.
GASLight Publishing LLC
GDG Publishing
Gefen Publishing House
Gemini Mojo Press
Gemini Publishing Co.
GenNext Publishing
George Smith Publishing
Georgetown Publishing, LLC
Ghost Pants Press
Gihon River Press
GillaZilla Music
Gival Press, LLC
Glenbridge Publishing
Global Healing Center
The Globe Pequot Press
Gold Star Press
Golden Girl Press, LLC
Good Spirited
Goose River Press
Grand Canyon Association
Great Authors Online
Greatland Graphics
Green Day Publishing
Greenleaf Book Group
Gregath Publishing
Griggs School of Music
The GRITS COM Literary Services
Grizzly Bookz Publishing
GTS, Inc
Guardian Angel Publishing Inc.
Guilford College
Gulf Stream Press
Gurze Books


The Habit of Rainy Nights Press
Hackney McTrite Publications
Hal Leonard Corporation
Half Full Press
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Handstand Kids Cookbook Company
Hanging Loose
Hardway Press
HarrowGate Press
Harvest Home Books
Harvest Shadows Publications
Hatfield Music
Head Press Publishing
Headline Books Inc
Headstuff Books
Health and Well-Being Publications
Heartstrings Press, LLC
Heavenly Trinkets
Heritage Farm Publishing
Hero Soul
Hideaway Press, Inc.
High Windy Audio
Higher Dimensions Publishing, Inc.
Highland Mountain Publishing
Highland Press
Hill Song Press
Hillside press
Hindawi Publishing Corporation
His Work Christian Publishing
Hobblebush Books
Holcomb Hathaway Publishers
Holistic Harmony Publishers
Hollis Publishing Company
Hopewell Publishing
Hudson Valley Climate Service
HumanWorks Affiliates
Hundreds of Heads
Hunter House


Ikthalion Press
Illumination Arts Publishing
Images Unlimited
Immanion Press
Impact Publications
In the light publishing
Indiana University Press
Indigo Business Solutions
Indus Source Books
Infinite Adventure
Informed Publishing
Inner Travel Books
Insight Training Centre
Inspired Life Design
Inst. Hermetic Studies
Institute of Space Technologies
Interlink Publishing
International Medical Health Writers Ltd.
INVICTUS Solutions Group
Irongate Press
iWrite Publications Inc.


J. D. Vine Publications
J. Nelson Arts LLC
Jacobob Press LLC
Jain Publishing Company, Inc.
James A. Rock & Co., Publishers
Jay Peak Books
JDC Productions
Jeff Edwards Ministries International
Jeremiah Press
Jersey Classic Publishing
Jet Fuel Seminars
Jigsaw Press
John F. Blair, Publisher
John Wiley & Sons
Joyous Publishing
J-Press Publishing
JRH Innovations
Junica Publishing Company Ltd.
JustRight Consulting & Coaching


Kahler Financial Group
Kalimát Press
Kallisti Publishing
Kane/Miller Book Publishers
Keep On Voting
Kennys - Irelands Largest Online Bookshop
KidBookInk LLC
Kill Poet Press & Journal
King Tractor Press
Kirk House Publishers
Kitsune Books
Kiwi Publishing,Inc.
Klebanoff Associates, Inc.
KMN Books
Knowledge House
Koa Books
Komikwerks, LLC
Kooking For Kids
Kopacetic inK
Kore Press
KPK Consultants
Krazy Duck Productions
Kumarian Press
Kushi's Kitchen


L. C. Wang Press
Lady Leo Publishing
Lago Press
Lake Claremont Press
Landmark Artists Management
Lands Atlantic Publishing
Language Lizard LLC
LAST Research & Editing
LBF Books
Leaning Pine Publishing
Lebhar-Friedman Books
Legacy Press
Legal Write Publications
Leisure Books
LEO Industries LTD
Leonard Press
Lessard Public Relations
Level 4 Press, Inc.
Liberation Press
Life Media
Life Path Solutions, Inc.
Life's Breath Publications
Lily Ruth Publishing
Linbrook Press
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
Linden Park Publishers, Ltd
Lingham Press
Lion's Den Publishing
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
LIPS, Long Island Publishers Service
Liquid Fiction LLC
Listening Voice Media
Literary Art Publishers
Literary Consultant Group
Literary Network Press
Literary Road
Little Dozen Press
The Live Oak Press, LLC
Living Beyond Reality Press
Living Free Press
Living Legacies
Living Sky Magazine
Living Waters Publishing Company
LomsWords, LLC
Long Dash Books
Long Necks
Loonfeather Press
Lord John Press
Love Across Borders Publishing
Love Bug Books
Love Ministries, Inc.
Loving Healing Press
Loving Miracles
Love Your Life Publishing
Lucky Press, LLC
Lucky Sports
Luckystar Services & More
Lucy Rose Publishing
LUF Enterprises
Lunatic Fringe Publishing
LWC Books
Lyrical press, Inc.


The MAGIC Foundation
M.V.P. Ltd.
M2 Publications
Madbo Enterprises
Madhouse Manor
Madison Avenue Publishers, LLC
Magic Picture Frame Studio
Magnolia Mansions Press
Making A Life
Mandeville Press
Mandy and Andy Books
Manhattanville College
Mansion Grove House
March Street Press
Marco Press
Mark Batty Publisher
Marshall Books
Matilda Press
Maupin House Publishing, Inc.
Maureen Publishing
May Pop books
Mayapple Press
McClanahan Publishing
McCord and Associates
McCoy Enterprises
Meager Publications
Media Visions Press
Mediasoft Press
Megusta Publishing
Mel Bay Publishing
Mellow Sound Press
Menus and Music
Metamorphu Ltd.
MGS Publishing
MIBS Publishing
Microcosm Publishing
Midnight Symphony Productions
Midnight Whistler Publishers
Milkweed Editions
Million Words Publishing, LLC
Mima Publications
Mirage Publishing
Missing Man Press
MLR Press, LLC
Moonlight Mesa Associates
Morning Glory Press
Motes / EvaMedia, Inc.
Mother Hands Services
Mother Love Publishing
Mountain Top Books
Moving & Learning
Multi-Media Publications
Multicultural Associates
Murder Mysteries, LLC
Muse Eek Publishing
Museum of Lost Wonder
Mushroom Publishing
Music Industry Connection, LLC
mY Books
My College Tips
My Mildew, LLC
Mythica Publishing Ltd


Napa Needlepoint
National Japanese American Historical Society
Nautilus Press
NeDeo Press
Neeman House
NetPublications, Inc.
New Millennium Software Co.
New Moon Publishing, Inc
New Year Publishing LLC
New York Road Runners
New York Times
NewInsight Publications
Next Hat Press
Nite Owl Publishing
No Media Kings
NOLAFugees Press
Noreen's Digital Dreams
North Atlantic Books / Frog, Ltd.
North Country Publishing
Northern Star Press
Northland Publishing Company
Not For Tourists
Novel2go Publishing
Novelist Resources
Nushape Publications
Nutritional Strategies


Oasis Audio
Off Ramp Publishing
Off The Grid Press
One Scrappy Company LLC
One Voice Recordings
Online Bookselling
On-Word Bound Books LLC
OPA Publishing/Optimum Performance Associates
Opine Publishing
Oracle Press
Orange Angle Press
Orange Frazer Press
Oranges And Lime
Orca Book Publishers
Organized Thoughts Publishing, LLC
Original Cyn Productions
Out of the Box
Out of the Nest & Beyond
Out of this world publishing
Outpost 132
The Overmountain Press
Owl King Publishing, LLC
Ozuna Publications


P.L. Brooks Seminars, LLC
PA Public Relations Company
Package You
Pagan Moon Publisher
Paper Chase Farms Publishing Group
Paradigm Productions LLC
Parallax Press
Parents Toolshop Consulting, Ltd.
Park Place Publications
Parker Information Resources
Partnerwerks Inc.
Passion Vine Productions
PathBinder Publishing, LLC
Patria Press, Inc.
Pavement Saw Press
PBJ Publishing
Peak Publishing group
Pearson Education
Peatmore Press
Pebble East Studios
Pegasus Inc
Pelican Publishing Company
Penance Publishing
Penn State University Press
People Places Publishing Ltd.
Perceptions Publishing Inc
The Permanent Press
Pet Hunters International
Peter Pauper Press
Piccadilly Books, Ltd
The Pikestaff Press
Pig Out Publications
Pigtails Press
Pineapple Press Inc
Pink Flamingo Publications
Pinnacle Service Group
Piper Press
PixyJack Press
Plum Creek Press, Inc.
Pluto Press
Plymouth State University
Pneuma Springs Ltd
Poetic Matrix
Point Of Reference
Polisar Books
Polykarpos Publishing
Pomegranate Communications, Inc.
Poseur Ink
PR/PR Public Relations
PRA Publishing
Practical Psychology Press
Prairie Oak Publishing
The Pranayama Institute
Precioustymes Entertainment
Pride Soaring
Primate Press, LLC
Primer Publishers
The Progress Agents
Progressive Press
Pruett Publishing
PuddleDancer Press
Purple Sky Publishing, LLC
Putting At Home, Ltd.
Puzzlespro, Inc.


Quick Publishing
Quiet Man Publishing
The Quilldriver
Quite Specific Media Group Ltd.


R.E.Greenwood Ministries
Raabe Rare Books
Radiqx Press
Rainbow Priestess Creations, Inc.
Raindrop Books
Raise the Bar Press
Rampant Tech Press
Ramsey Books
Random House
Rapha Publishing
Raven Publishing, Inc.
Raw Dog Screaming Press
Red Dust
Red Rose Publishing
Redneck Words of Wisdom
Reflection Publications
Relationship Vision
Relentless Content
Renewal Technologies Inc.
RES Marketing Alliance
Rest Ministries Publishers
Rev it Up Reading
RevElation Press
Revenues From Sports Venues
Revolution Mind Publishing
Richard King Enterprizes
Richer Resources Publicationss
Right Step Media LLC
Rising Sparrow Press
RM Barry Publications
Roaring Forties Press
Robert Reed Publishers
Robert Shuster DBA Sevenacide
Rockahcons Cre8Tiv
Rocking Triangle Studio
Roen Publishing
Rolenta Press
Roll With The Changes
Romeo Publishing Company
Romp thru concepts Inc.
Roosevelt University
Rothwell Digital Imagery
Rowhouse Publishing


S & C Consulting
Sacred Visitations
Safe Harbour Press
Safe Relationships
Sage Publications
Sanctuary Books, Inc
Sandy Island Press
Sandy Point Resort
SAR Press
Saturnalia Books
Say it Better Center, LLC
Scarletta Press
Scarlett, Oh! Publishing
Schmetterling Productions
Scholarship Consultant Services, Inc.
Science Publishers
Seasoned Storytelling
The Secret Mountain
Second Base Publishing
Second Time Media & Communications
Self-Counsel Press Inc.
Senior Moments Books
Sew Fast Sew Easy, Inc.
Sewz-it, JS Designs
Shambhala Publications
Shea Publications
Shenanigan Books
Sick Girl Speaks Inc
Sick Girl Speaks Inc
Silver Leaf Books, LLC
Silver Stream Photos Ltd
Silvercreek Books, LLC
Silverfish Press
Silvio Mattacchione and Co.
Simply Wild Pub
SinoAmerican Books
Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill
Sixela Books
SKI Publishing
Skill of Success
Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC
Small Beer Press
Smart Author Software
Smink Works
Snowflake Press
SNS Press
Soaring Eagle Communications
Soft Editions
Sol Ventures Press
Solarium Analytika
Solitude Press
Solving Light Books
Sonoran Cross Press
Sortis Publishing
South Florida Professional Tennis Instruction
Sparklesoup LLC
Sparks Media
Spiritman productions
Spiritual Arts Institute
Spotlight Publishing
Square Circle Press LLC
Stagecoach Publishing
Starstyle® Productions, LLC
Stevens Creek Press
Stick Figure Incorporated
Stonehorse Publishing
Stonywood Publications
The Stop Smoking For Good Company
Stormy Night Books
Strategic Vision
Sun Publishing
Swallow Tales
Swimming Kangaroo Books
Sybertooth Inc
Synergistic Press


T A E Nazca Resources
Tabitha Books
Take Charge Books
Tales & Stories
Tarascon Publishing
TAWK Press
Teen Book Review
Third Eye Publishing, Inc.
Thistle Dew Books
Thrilling Detective Web Site
Thundercloud Books
Tipi Publishing
Total Health Ltd.
Total Package Publications, LLC
Tower Publishing
Tradewind Books
Trading Moon Enterprises
Trans Mountain Consulting Co
Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc
Transformation Communication
Travelers' Tales, Inc.
Treble Heart Books
Tribeca House
Trimble Bridge Productions
Try Kay Enterprises
Tsaba House
Tughra Books
Turkish Authors Association (TAA)
Turtle Ink Press
Turtle Lake Publications
Tuttle Wealth Management, LLC
Tuxedo Press
The Two Dollar Radio Movement
Tyrannosaurus Press


Unique Enterprises
Unique Writing publications
Uniquely Reading Publishing
Universal Radiance
University at Buffalo
University of North Carolina
University of Tennessee
University of Texas
Up & At 'Em Publications
Upper Access, Inc.
Urban Christian books


Valkyrie Publishing
Vanilla Heart Publishing
Ventanazul LLC
Vinca Corp
Vinland Publishing, LLC
Vishnu Temple Press
Visible Verse Productions
Vivisphere Publishing
VM Life Resources
Von Chase Publishing Company
Vox Humana Books


Waking Up On The Toilet
Waldorf center
Warren Publishing, Inc
Waverly Place Press
Web Marketing Today
Weeping Willow Publishing
Wench Publishing
Wentworth PR
The Wessex Collective
West African Book Publishers Limited
West Seattle Karate
Westminster College of Salt Lake City
Whereabouts Press
The Whetstone Edge, LLC
Whiskey Creek Press
Whitlands Publishing
Wild Child Publishing
Wild Flower Press, Inc.
Willow Bend Publishing
WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus
Win in Biz, Inc
Winchester Foundation
Winding Creek Press
Window Box Press LLC
Windsor Peak Press
Wisdom Publications
WIT Enterprises
wizarding world press
Woodmont Press
Word and Will Corp
Word Partners Ink
WordCrafter Communication
Words and Pictures Publishing
Words with Wings
WordWright.biz, Inc.
The WOW Fest Inc.
Woza Books
Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services
Write with Faith Publishing
Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Writing for the Lord Ministries
WSOL Publishing
WT Chicago Inc.




Yasha Publishers
Y-City Publishing LLC
Yes International Publishers
Your Health Press
Your Novel



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