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Company Information

Bookhitch is a book portal designed to connect authors, publishers, and readers. The site was launched in May 2006 after many years of research and design. The idea of bookhitch was developed to fit the growing needs of authors and publishers within the industry, offering readers one site where they can find all books.

What can bookhitch do for authors and publishers?
  • Increase awareness of your books.
  • Connect readers directly to your website.
  • Offer you valuable information.
  • Put profits in your hands.
What can bookhitch do for readers?
  • We help you discover unique books, authors, publishers, companies and websites
  • Connect you with authors and publishers
  • We can help you reward the people who count by buying books directly from the author or publisher.
  • Offer you a wide selection of books, all on one site.
We offer visitors the opportunity to find books that could only normally be found by visiting numerous websites and bookstores.

Our Values

Bookhitch is a socially responsible, moral, and ethical company working to offer the best services that will add value to your daily lives and meet your book information needs. We provide equal opportunity to use our services, making them user friendly, accessible, and affordable. We will not give out personal information, as we work to establish a sense of loyalty and trust with every site user.

Our Mission

Books are for all to enjoy. We are the connection between the book and the reader, no matter where the book is located.

We exist to meet the needs of authors and readers by bringing them closer together through our book portal. Our purpose is to give any author or publisher the opportunity to sell their book(s) and any visitor the chance to find them.

Our Vision

We will offer all books to the world, working to list every book ever published and provide direction as to where these books can be purchased.

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