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April 2012 - Gaining Notoriety via Library Circulation

As an author, gaining notoriety in the publishing industry isn't easy. Realistically, an author will not emerge from the masses as a best-seller overnight; however, there are various ways that authors can have their works read (and hopefully praised) to help them gain a competitive advantage. In previous newsletters, we have discussed methods of exposure via social networking, article marketing, marketing through associations, QR codes, and more. Of course, there is also a strong benefit to having your book available for rent at local libraries. See this issue's interview below, which focuses on exposure through circulation at local libraries.

According to information from prominent author marketing sites, there are (3) specific criteria that must be met in order for a library to circulate your books. (1) Customer requests are key. If patrons enter the library asking for your book, the staff will take note and will seek to locate a copy for you. (2) Positive reviews will help emerging authors due to the fact that their book is praised, and therefore demanded, among the public. (3) Peer recommendations from those who have read (and enjoyed) your book will help authors gain exposure.

Our interview with librarian Marlene Harris further explains how authors can pursue having their books available for circulation in local libraries. Marlene has a noteworthy background with libraries. She has worked in both public and academic institutions ranging from the Chicago Public Library to the University of Alaska - Anchorage. Additionally, she is currently a consultant, book reviewer and blogger at Reading Reality. Her interview includes a wealth of information that is beneficial to up-and-coming authors seeking to gain exposure for their works.


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