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February 2012 - In The News

An iPad for Every Child
Schools around the country are acknowledging the benefits that the Apple iPad tablet provide. Interactive educational programs, as well as enhanced novels, have allowed children to better understand stories and become engaged in the learning process. Despite these benefits, schools are debating whether or not the high costs for the tablet are worth it. Read more.

Insight on eBook Trends
The book publishing industry is undergoing tremendous changes that are yielding a new business model. eBooks have grown extremely popular among readers, who opt to trade in their paperbacks for a downloadable file to be opened on their tablets. Despite the rising concern over the eventual disappearance of physical books, eReaders have become a revolutionary force that is changing the way we read books. Read more.

Standalone Booksellers Make a Comeback
Although many local bookstores have been forced to close their doors, avid readers are rallying to support local shops in their plight to remain significant among consumers. Broken In Books maintains business through trading new and used books that are in demand for readers to enjoy. Broken In Books has proved to maintain strong sales despite the declining print industry. Read more.

Amazon Reported To Be Opening Its First Physical Store
Amazon, the online retail giant, seems to be succumbing to demands for those who refuse to purchase products online. Amazon.com is planning to open its first retail location in Seattle, Washington. Although they will always have a valuable location in cyberspace, the online giant feels as though they will be able to maintain an advantage over competitor Barnes and Noble with a brick and mortar location. Read more.

Protecting Your Ideas from Literary Scavengers
It's a common fear among authors that their ideas will be stolen and published elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is no ideal way to ensure that writers' thoughts are protected; however, there are many steps that may be taken to limit the threat of potential theft. Read more.

Jonathan Franzen Thinks E-books Are Not for "Serious Readers"
Readers are currently in the midst of change as they continue to debate over the benefits of e-reader tablets. Interestingly enough, author Jonathan Franzen has voiced his opinion about the "seriousness" of a reader who chooses to read novels in a digital format. Read more.


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