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Increase awareness of your book or company by advertising using our services!

Hitch yourself to an ad pack: Your target audience is within reach!
Website Advertising

Your book cover, or company logo, will be displayed throughout the bookhitch site for one month with a link directing consumers to your web site of choice.
  • $50: You can have a square banner ad displayed on the right hand side of the page in a top, middle, or bottom position. Size: 125 x 125 pixels.
    • Add a second ad position for your ad for only $10.

  • $70: You can have a rectangular banner ad displayed at the top of the page. Size: 468 x 60 pixels.

Newsletter Advertising

Advertise in our monthly
“hitch NEWS” Newsletter.

Have a 50-60 word description of your product or service placed in the top, or bottom of the monthly newsletter.
  • $15: Your ad appears towards the end of the newsletter. This is a text only ad.

  • $30: Your ad appears before the newsletter content, and includes a graphic.
    • Each ad needs to be sent to us by the 1st of every month to make that month’s edition. You can reserve ad placement in advance to ensure that your ad will appear first.

Ad Packages

For added value we have bundled together the ads discussed above into easy-to-choose, budget-friendly packages.
  • Option 1: $75. Includes a square website ad, and top newsletter placement.

  • Option 2: $99. Rectangular website ad, top and bottom newsletter ad placement (can be used in two consecutive month editions).


To start your campaign or to get more information, email: Don’t forget to mention which ad pack or single ad option interests you!

Note: If you do not have an ad sized to the specifications above (rectangular: 468 x 60 or square: 125 x 125 pixels at 300 dots per inch), then we can design an ad for you based on a picture you send us for only $25.


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