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Free listing: A fast, easy and free way to increase awareness of your book(s)!!

Want your book to be searchable on bookhitch for free? All you need to do is fill out the information required about your book. Add five key search words you feel would be helpful or important if someone was looking for your book. Include a 60 word description and most importantly be sure to add a website address where your book can be purchased. Your book will be listed, viewed, and searchable immediately! (Got a lot of books?)

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For just $19.95 you can upgrade your listing to gain priority exposure on searches, your book cover displayed next to the listing, a 120-word description, an author bio, and reviews of your book. Also, a premium listing now includes your own separate web page and URL. To further increase awareness of your book, you can also place this URL on your website, or in your personal signature to add to your marketing portfolio. Your premium listing will also be randomly displayed on the bookhitch homepage and can be searched for on Google! However, it may take a few weeks for it to appear. This listing is renewable annually. Our site stats show that over 98% of our premium listings receive click-thrus in a month!

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